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          Omni Pallet Wrapping Machine is the world’s most innovative, effective and sustainable load containment solution. These award-winning machines are internationally recognized as “the most innovative pallet wrappers of the last decade”.

          Omni Pallet Wrapping Machine and Stretch Wrap has been engineered together to minimise the required amount of stretch film to wrap a pallet while maintaining optimal load containment. With the ability to stretch our films to 400%, these pallet wrapping machines will guarantee to reduce pallet wrap usage by over 50%, reducing costs and the environmental impact.

          Buying a pallet wrapper may seem like a luxury purchase, but the truth is, an Omni Pallet Wrapping Machine will pay for itself by reducing stretch wrap usage. usage. To avoid the capital outlay of purchasing a pallet wrapping machine, we offer many payment options. These include machine rental, loan and pay ‘Per Pallet Wrapped’.

          8 Reasons Why it’s the Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution

          • Increase stretch wrap yield to 400%
          • Reduce pallet wrap usage by 50%
          • Save 20% on pallet wrapping costs
          • Prevent back injury from hand wrapping
          • Save on plastic disposal costs
          • Reduce environmental impact
          • Save labour costs from manual wrapping
          • Reduce your pallet load damage


          Award Winner

          Pallet Wrap Stretch Wrap

          Omni Pallet Wrap has received multi awards for innovation and sustainability. With stretch yields to 400%, pallet wrap usage is reduced by over 50% providing significant cost savings. Stretch wrap is available in hand and machine rolls and in multiple colours and grades.


          Premium Quality

          Packing Tape Stretch Wrap

          Omni Packing Tape has a premium grade adhesive and is used for general purpose and carton sealing applications. Packing Tape is available in hand and machine rolls and in multiple grades and sizes. Custom printed packing tape with your logo is also an option.

          Stretch Wrap

          Omni Stretch Wrap Eliminates Breakages & Saves You Over 50%

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          View Video to see how this is possible!

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          Check out our Pallet Wrapping Machine Videos!

          Omni Superplus Pallet Wrapping Machine

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          Omni Base Pallet Wrapping Machine

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          Omni Plana Pallet Wrapping Machine

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          Case Studies

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          Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution:

          Stretch Wrap Usage
          Reduced by

          Case Study Image

          Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution:

          Stretch Wrap Usage
          Reduced by

          Case Study Image

          Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution:

          Stretch Wrap Usage
          Reduced by

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